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Irvin Marshall Reed & Vesta Lorene Emmons, circa 1965
Same couple, perhaps a few years later.
Marshall Reed - 1977
Marshall Reed Family, circa early 1940's.  Children pictured are: Rex, Howard, Irene, Jim, Eleanor, Charles & Maxine.
Marshall and Ruth Reed were married in 1970
Marshall's siblings, parents and clan, around 1939
Silas J. Emmons (1877-1961) & Alma Iola Heis (1880-1948)  Parents of Vesta Emmons Reed.
Silas & Alma Emmons, with children Vesta, Gertrude, Carl, Gerald, Ansel, Kenneth, Leroy, and clan.
Emmons siblings and mates.  Gerald & Gladys, Ansel & Arlene, and Carl & Pearl.

Reed Family Camp, around 1973

Reed Family Camp - 1979
Carlson Camp - 1997
Reed Originals, around 1998
Rex & Lynne Reed Rex & Lynne Reed (1986)
Howard & Shirley Reed Howard and Shirley Reed (date unknown)
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Herb & Irene (Reed) Kalnbach
Allen and Nancy Teed Allen & Nancy Teed
Jay & Eleanor Walsh Jay & Eleanor (Reed) Walsh
Charles & Ruth Reed Charles & Ruth Reed
Fred & Maxine Carlson Fredric & Maxine (Reed) Carlson
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Harold & Tina Reed