NorthRidge Team 2006-5
February 25 - March 5, 2006

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Photo Member Name Position Quote

Scott Cunningham

Team & Spiritual Leader This is the same shirt I wore in 5th grade!  Up dog...

Nell Morrison

Co-Leader Muddy Buddy to the rescue!


Chris Sternfels Co-Leader Will we be married by 2010?
Brad Carlson Co-Leader I can't drive 55!


Cecie Newman Coach Load 'um up!
Aimee Davidson Coach Would that be with a cinnamon twist or without?
Irene Wintermyer Coach Give me your medical history, or I may have to create some!
Amanda Trowbridge   You mean there is life after art?


Angela Oliver   The best customer service voice in the USA!


Ashley Lapenta   Let me lead you in a new fashion statement!  Trust me, they will follow!
Beth Seedott   Why pay for a treadmill, when you can walk up a 45 degree roof?
Bethany Nagel   Let me check your blood...
Colette Mendel   I think the boiled peanuts are at the NEXT exit!
Curtis Bowden Plumber, extrodinaire! Ok, it really wasn't that smelly ...
Daniel Clark   Yeah, Captain, we have communications!
David Ries   Honey, why does Red-Roof make us sleep in separate rooms?
Derek Thorton   Humm, how can I be relevant?
Eric Yelsma   Son of Paul, arise!
Frank Roberts   This is the meaning of life!
Fred Sammut   Sorry, Fred.  This was the only picture I could find of you, so far.  Send us a better one?  And, What do we have your last name correct?  Please send to: 
Gary Gooch   I only have one body - sloooooww down!
George Normandie   Does anyone know where the fishing-hole is?
Hannah Hanschu   Thank God, I'm reconstructing instead of doing "mud-up, shut-ups!"
Ian Roberts   It's so darn cool being the youngest and cutest!

Jeff Beaudoin

  Wow, this is good stuff!
Jim Hover   Oh my, another NorthRidge team.  How do I cover for this one?

Jim Hanschu

  I'm no longer a tag-along!

Johanna Dase

  Close enough!

Karen Wittkopp

  How can I do your makeup?  Whoops, that's not allowed down here!

Kerry Czarniecki

  I LOVE crawling with the critters under a house.  I'm now qualified for that TV show where they eat bugs!

Kim Pierz

  Will Chris say I-do, before Christ comes back?

Laura Copenhaver

  Hey Nell, let me drive. I can keep up with Brad.

Leslie Gates

  I don't do well as a back-seat driver...  I warned you!

Lisa Ries

  See, eating catfish and bugs wasn't so bad!

Lori Trowbridge

  Critters don't bother me - right!  But if I see a snake, I'm outta there!

Lyudmila Gurskaya

  Oh, I love America!

Mary Haitz

  Contributed - Mary has an unbelievable heart for people.  She is sooo cool!

Michael Chekosky

  What is your blood-type?

Michelle Brady

  My smile WILL brighten your day!

Miriam Rasmussen

  May I go on the critter-project?  I love them!

Paul Yelsma

  May I help you with your conflict?  I promise, I won't zap you!

Robert Gilley

  This is NOT the way we test GM's!

Rose Ferguson

  It's ok, things will be alright..

Scott Mayle

  I promise I won't arrest you -- I'm an ex!

Sue Thorton

  Come-on, this MRE isn't that bad!  NOT!