NorthRidge Team 1
October 15-23, 2005

Photo Member Name Position Quote
Brad Carlson Assistant Team Leader The Slave-driver.  "Fifteen minutes left - we CAN do this!"
Don Elliot Team Leader (Shaking hands with greased palm) "Tony, what kind of job do you have for me today?"
Fred Burger Breakfast Chef "You want it how?"
Gloria Hammonds Clydesdale "I don't know what it means to slow down!"
Hannah Hanschu Medical Assistant "May I fix your _____, or injure you so I can fix it?"
Heidi Durtka Clydesdale "I would rather be doing a mud-out!"
Jamie Owens Clydesdale "Hug up, mud up and shut up! "
Jimmie Jack of all trades! "Humm, if I cut my had good, I can stay our of the mud for several weeks!"
Kim Steich Spiritual Leader "Can I pleeeze kick it down now?"
Liz McCafferty Clydesdale "I'll take mine without gluten"
Matt Koch Clydesdale "It's worse than in Independence Day!"
Paulo Ivanov Comedian "Mr. Elliot, your limo is waiting outside"
Suzie Burley Clydesdale "Sista, get me outta here!"