Team 2006-5 Party Survey!
A party has been suggested by several for getting back together and sharing memories.  Please send your suggestions to Brad Carlson and we'll get them posted.  From those responses, perhaps we can get something planned!
4/17/06 - Kimberly Pierz Hi Y'All, Chris and I have been talking and we decided that we would like to have everyone over (to his parents house) for a little 'reunion'.  So, on that note, you & your significant other, family, etc. are all invited to come and join us for a night of conversations, bon fires, snacks, and a movie premiere!   That's right, a movie premiere!   Dave & Lisa put in a lot of hard work and made an awesome DVD with all the pictures and video footage from our trip that they would like to share with all of us.   I believe that they will also be selling them (for a nominal fee to cover the supply costs) if you would like to have one once they have 'released' it. Where: The Sternfels House 12456 Cherry Leaf Lane, Brighton 48114 When: Friday, April 28th starting at 7pm.   Please either email me with an RSVP or call my cell 734-637-2955 or Chris' cell 810-223-4608.   This way we know how many to expect. :)   Also, let me know if you need directions.   Mapquest is great, but I know that having landmarks help too, so don't be afraid to ask. :)   We are also requesting that everyone please bring their favorite 'snack' to share.   We will provide plates, water, soda, and that type of stuff.   We hope to see you all there.   Thoughts and Prayers, Kim P.S. I tried to send this to everyone on the email list that we got from Brad, but just in case please make sure that everyone received it...if you see them, just ask. :)
3/23/06 - Michelle Brady If everyone wants to go somewhere other than a restaurant, you can all come over to my house. My parents already said that would be cool with them, so it?s just another option. I live in Ypsi, about 20 minutes from the Ridge, so I?m not sure if that?s a good location or not, but I?d love to have you all over!
3/22/06 - Chris Sternfels A party/get-together sounds great. Let us know when and where and we will try our hardest to be thereÖ..I think Iím starting to sound like Dr. Seuss, but guess thatís what you get for working in kids all day! Thoughts and Prayers, Kim (& Chris)
3/22/06 - Hannah Hanschu We'll come to a party too. :)
3/15/06 - Ian Roberts umm for a team party i thought we'd be original and go to BWW's again and/or for Scott a Chuckie Cheese's LOL. no but its just a suggestion.
Thanks for being a good leader and organizing the website and things man,
that's awesome. God Bless,
Ian Roberts