All Team Dinner at the Ridge
This last week saw our first team "Dinner at the Ridge".  It has been suggested that we make this a monthly affair..  Please send your comments to Brad Carlson and we'll get them posted.
4/25/06 - Nell Morrison Hi all you all,   Lot's of our team 5 members have expressed interest in getting together again for dinner at the Ridge.  We'll meet before New Life on May 10th at 5:30.   We'll be reserving a few tables together at the east end of the activities center.   If you've never eaten at the Ridge before you are in for a treat.   It's good, it's inexpensive, and it's fun.   You can check the menu a day or two ahead of time by logging on to and hitting the resources icon on the left side menu.   Then go do "Dinner at the ridge" for prices.   It's cafeteria style, so you can eat a little or a lot.  They also offer sub sandwiches and wraps now.   I look forward to seeing everyone!
4/06/06 - Sue Thorton Maybe we can plan for the first Wed of each month for anyone able to gather at the east end of the dining room.