The Mud and the Blood (by Brad Carlson)


Tuesday, October 18th saw our team doing a "mud-out" on a home that had been totally devastated by Katrina. (A mud-out means taking everything in that home to the curb for disposal, right down to the wall-studs)  The storm surge (sea water) had flooded up to the home's ceiling, It's owners had given up hope of anything being salvaged, meaning all their memories, documents, pictures, clothing and belongings.  Because of the stench, sight and blockages, they were emotionally unable to enter the home.  Thankfully, our team was able to recover over 100 precious items to help them along to recovery.  (Hannah, you were awesome!)

Driving back to headquarters that evening, my mind pondered what we had experienced, and the following analogies came to mind.

1) As with the home being filled with muck, mold and putrefied stench, our sins are exactly the same to God.

2) As we removed all of that from the home, and left it smelling clean and free, that is what the blood of Jesus does to cover our sins.  He no longer sees/smells them, instead, seeing us as perfect - white as snow!

3) As we poured out our love out on the family, that is what Christ wants to do with us each day.  He desires us as his Bride, his Child, his Friend, and to accept the unfathomable love that he is trying to bestow on each of us.

4) While He gives us that fresh start, he also gives us the Holy Spirit to continue the rebuilding process.  We were unable to give that continuance due to the short stay, However, he does not leave us not alone in rebuilding, but gives us His power to continue the good work that he began in each of us.

Why not let Jesus Christ perform a mud-out in your life?  He loves you so very much and wants to give you that fresh start and fill you with a clean aroma of joy and love in him.  It is not a change you will ever regret!