The Blood! (by Liz McCafferty)


Well, I can talk about the mud and the blood.  On Jimmy's first day he cut his hand pretty bad.  (I have the weakest stomach EVER!!)  anyway, I cleaned up his hand and bandaged him up.  God definitely gave me the strength for that!  I didn't even gag!  We then took Jimmy to the hospital for stitches and I noticed that I had something in my shoe.  It was Jimmy's blood.  Again, God gave me the stomach to clean it up without getting sick.
My favorite day of our trip was our last day.  That is the day Lance accepted the LORD.  Lance is a guy who lives in Mississippi and his home was destroyed.  He is such an awesome person!!  He has helped all of his neighbors clean out their houses and then he started helping us.  It just amazes me that God hand picked each and every one of us on trip #1 to be there when Lance accepted him.
It is very hard to put into words how this trip has impacted my life.  I am not the same person I was when I left!  I will never forget the people I met at the church we stayed at.  They were from all over the country and if I never see them again on earth, I know that I will see them in heaven!  You can't help but feel the presence of God there!
Also, I just want to say what a wonderful job Samaritan's Purse is doing!  They are so awesome!  Please keep them, Lance and all of the people in that region in your prayers!
May God Bless You All!!
Liz McCafferty