Our Trip to Kiln (by Paulo Ivanov)

Dear Don, Brad, Gloria, Kim, Heide, Jamie, Hannah, Liz, Suzi, Fred, Mat:

Actually, I am already missing all of you a lot.....missing the early wake up.....the bacon cooked by Fred.....the care Hanna took of my wounds......the darty van.....the darty pants......shower lines (strugling to reduce my shower time to 45 minutes...)...I JUST LOVED IT...IT WAS SO RELAXING!

I wanted to say....again, that this trip was tremendous personal blessing for me, and I hope, for each one of you and the people we helped.

Knowing a little bit about each one of you, our differences, personalities......sharing our struggles and problems was part of the all blessing.

The presence of God around us, could be felt all the time. I felt safe under HIS umbrella!

I am looking forward to get together on Friday at Brad home.

Please pray for each other.....do not allow nobody, especially Satan, to interfere on this wonderful work and Ministry God assigned top each one of us. He, Satan, tried hard as we all know, but, let join in pray and kick him out of our way. God is GREAT, and in / with HIM we will win!

Remember to pray for Lancy. He might be feeling like a "Lost cat". But, I am sure God is around him.

Remember to pray for Pam, Stan, Joe, Ana and the little cute boy as well for the first family....May God protect HIM with HIS love and mercy.

A last thank you for Don for leading us. I am sorry for act sometimes as a bunch of crazy, messed, blind sheep. We need to look not at little insignificant issues but, to the "big picture" designed by our Lord, and, as far as this one, we were winners as a team.

Thank you also for you Brad! You have an huge heart and a huge potential as a leader, and I am sure that God has some assignments for you on his "bug picture" in the future.

Each one of you were special to me. I don't know how to describe it, but, without any of you....without any exposure and experience we lived together, I am sure, the results would not be that positive. For instance, if we look at a nice car (such as a Ferrari):
.....there are little parts hiding deep inside the engine where nobody can see it but, the engine wouldn't even start without it!
.....the exhaust system is a large part, but is dirty and stays under the car, but, it is extremely important for the all system!
.....the tires are also in touch with the dirty ground, nobody looks at it but, they are the ones that keep the car stable!

and....all those small pieces together, are the ones that complete the big picture of a beautiful Ferrari.

We are the same. God has a specific, unic, wonderful position and function designed to each one of us and all this put together is what God designed us to be!

May God bless all of you. I missed you and "I LOVE YOU"

Paulo Ivanov