Recollections (by Liz McCafferty)

As we sat at the dinner tables in the church, a lot of people gave testimonies of how they had a "life changing" day.  I was just sitting there listening at telling God that I have not had such a day.  Then Lance (who was sitting between Matt and I) stood up and starting talking about our group.  He told everyone what a blessing we were to this area.  Matt and I just started to cry.  There it was, a life changing moment!!  WOW did God answer that one fast!  I know that when I signed up to go to the gulf region I really wanted to be a blessing to someone else.  And when I left it was just the opposite.  The people down there were such a blessing to me!  Especially Lance.  When I got home I was reading through The Daily Bread and noticed that on October 22nd (the day we left)  the verse was "choose this day whom you will serve".  And that IS the day Lance accepted Christ.  GOD IS GOOD ALL OF THE TIME!!!!