Monroe (by Liz McCafferty)

One person that really impacted me on this trip was Monroe. (I did not get his last name. He was the brother of the homeowner)   He is completely blind in his left eye and 75% blind in his right.  I kept hearing God tell me to get him a bible on tape, so I went to Wal-Mart and got him a bible on CD and a CD player.   He was so thrilled!   He sat almost the entire time we were there and listened to it.   After only listening to one of the Genesis Cd's, he told me that he learned so much.   I invited him and his sister Olga Magee to dinner at the church that night.   He didn't come.   He said that he wasn't feeling well but I suspect that he was afraid because of his vision.  I know that a new place is very scary when you cant see.   Anyway, Olga told me that he was still listening to the bible when she left.   He did not want to put it down she said.   I was just so nice to see a broken man brighten up with God's word!!

I also have to talk about Lance! (Yes, again!)   He just warms my heart!  He accepted Christ on the day we were leaving. ( from our trip last October)   We were packing the vans and he told us that he had made a decision to ask Jesus into his heart.   He doesn't have any family in Mississippi and he is very lonely.   I met him on my first trip down there last October.   I have been in contact with him ever since we left last fall.   He was so excited that we were there again!   He loved our group. (and he really loved Emily and Chris' donkey rap!)   That was the first thing he asked me on Friday when he got to the church.   Did they do their rap yet?   He is going to come up and visit us this fall.   He is so excited about it. He also wants to see Northridge.   I feel like I have found my long lost brother!!

And I can't even begin to tell you how these trips have impacted my life.   I don't think that there are words to describe it!   The night we got there was like coming home.   One day as I was driving to take a truck to a job site and I just kept feeling like God was preparing me for something in Mississippi.   And I will go where ever He leads me!!

It was such an awesome experience!   And it would have not been the same if there was just one person missing from our group.

God Bless!!   Liz