Recollections of Lance, by Don (from Don Elliott)


I just wanted to drop a note about Lance.  I met him our first day while down in MS.  He waved as he drove by.  He came up to me just before we got started and said if you need anything let me know.  We went inside and started to tear walls down and haul the fridge down the elevator to the curb.  While inside the house  Heidi (and all the girls for that matter) sang praise songs while we worked.  We actually didn't even talk that much on that day.  Lance stopped me again and stated he could help us with using his tractor to push it to the curb.  It was a real time saver so I took him up on it.  We finished that job and moved on to the next one.  It was two days later and we ended up in the same subdivision again.  I stopped by and chatted with him and asked him to help us if he had time.  He showed up right on time eager to help us.  I asked him if he wanted to visit the church Bayou Talla for dinner with all of us and he came.  He then watched all of us and stayed for testimony night hearing all the things God had been doing in the lives of all the other area residents.  He came again the next night and that night he shared how much he felt the love of God through our efforts. 
Two days later on Saturday morning I was last person to get up.  There came both families our group helped wanting to visit and send us off with their appreciation.  Everyone was getting ready to leave, but Lance didn't leave my side.  I felt there was something he was waiting for, so I told him I hope I see him again in eternity.  He said he hopes so as well.  Then I felt the Spirit move me to just ask him, "do you know if you died today, would you go to heaven?" He said no, I told him the only way was if Jesus was invited to live in his heart.  I asked him would he like to do that, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said yes.  He shared how he spent the past 30 years of his life hating God because his parents both died when he was under 10.  I asked one of the Samaritans Purse men to pray with us in agreement of his profession and acceptance of Christ in his life.  We all prayed and wept and thanked God for His gift he gave Lance.  I have spoken with the Pastor of Bayou Tall Fellowship Mike Wells and he told me Lance has been attending services and believes he has begun a true walk with God.  I have spoken to Lance and let him know we all care for him.  He has stated a few people of our team call him and ask him how he is doing.  He feels the presence of God by our visit and prayers.  Our entire trip has been made worth it, just for one soul to be changed for an eternity.  He told me, it started with our first encounter, seeing our kind spirit and hearing Heidi and the girls sing praise songs, he said he wanted the joy we had.  It took the entire body of Christ to impact his heart in such a way. 
We were all obedient with what we were suppose to do, and angels rejoice over a soul commited to Christ.  I just wanted to pass this on to you.