Hug Up! (by Jamie Owens)


After eight days with this wonderful team of thirteen totally different personalities they all knew one thing for sure that this girl from ďLoovullĒ was going to hug up!   No matter how well I knew you or didnít know you were going to get a hug from me!   My thoughts behind my hugs are that hugs can sometimes say things that words cannot!   Although Iím hardly ever at a loss for something to say I just love to try and always get in a big ol hug whenever I get the opportunity!   Why miss out on saying to someone I care about you, itís very nice to meet you, you are loved, I understand what youíre going through or Iím here for you if you need me?


All of these expressions can be felt when you just simply reach out to someone and give them a hug.   You never know what youíre saying when you hug someone but the person that is receiving the hug knows exactly what youíre saying because nine times out of ten they absolutely needed the hug!   A hug can reach down and touch the very soul of a hurting and desperate person!   In the world that we live in today you never truly know whatís going on in peoples lives.   We all pretend so much and try so hard to put on like life is wonderful when in reality most of us are dying inside!


A hug can let someone know that itís okay to be real and itís okay that you donít always have it all together all of the time!   When you genuinely hug someone itís just as good for you as it is for the person thatís getting the hug!   We all need support, encouragement, acceptance and forgiveness and let me tell you they can all be found in a good ol hug!