NorthRidge Katrina Relief Partners

NorthRidge Church is our sending church for this relief mission.  How great to be a part of a body that believes in helping people on the front-line.  This is what it's all about!
Samaritan's Purse is an incredible organization, headed by Franklin Graham.  Worldwide, if there is disaster relief needed, they are there in short-order, in a quality way.  The message of Christ is conveyed through meeting the needs of victims, both spiritually and physically.  A very high percentage of donations goes right to the people in need.
Bayou Talla Fellowship Church - Samaritan's Purse primary partner in the Mississippi area, BTFC has practically given their facilities to the relief effort, by becoming "ground zero" for supplies to the victims, as well as housing, feeding & caring for volunteers  aiding in the effort.
The Billy Graham Evangilistic Association, Rapid Response Teams have been highly instrumental in providing for the spiritual needs of persons connected with Katrina, including victims and relief workers.  Read this months letter from Franklin Graham.