Hurricane Katrina Articles, Pictures & Links
Hurricane Katrina Storm Report - Storm Surge Site - Great photos and articles in the midst of the storm
  The Sea Coast Echo - Newspaper headline the day before the storm
Photo/Music Montage Part 1 - by Rob & Jamie Owens (Team 1's pictures & projects, set to music)
Part 2
Part 3
Damage Photographs by NorthRidge teams
Raw Photos
  Detroit News article on NorthRidge Katrina Relief
  NorthRidge Church Relief Efforts (how you can help)
  MSNBC Articles on rebuilding the area we were in   (concentrates on Hancock County, Bay St. Louis, Waveland)
  More MSNBC Articles on "The Towns"   (as above)
Spring Hill Presbyterian Church Katrina Website (another church helping Bayou Talla Fellowship)
Calvary Chapel, Florida Katrina article
Hancock County EOC Katrina Information