The Harvest

The point of each mission trip is to see God change lives.  It is safe to say that each relief worker has seen priorities rearranged as a result of their efforts.  And we know of one worker that accepted the Lord for the first time!  The most rejoicing will be over those who gave their lives to Christ, followed by those who re-submitted their lives to His calling.  We would love to share the stories of these life-changes.  Please submit your story to Brad Carlson, and we'll get them published!
Lance accepted the Lord just minutes before team 2005-1 pulled out.  He had been such a help with his neighbors in the cleanup, and then to us.  Most every night, at Bayou Talla Fellowship, he joined us, both for friendship, but also eagerness in learning who we were, and whom we served.  It was our blessing as an entire team, to see him kneel and accept Jesus Christ into his life!  You may read some of the stories on this transformation in the "Articles" section of this page.
Mike is an incredible guy.  In spite of having four family members still missing and a neighbor lady killed by a snake, he has maintained a perspective that keeps him going.  Team 2006-5 spent a Tuesday talking with him while working on his home.  We prayed hard for days, and learned on Thursday that he had accepted God, as Lord of his life!  This is the moment that made our whole trip worthwhile!